About us?

Dessus Dessous’ history is unique and atypical. It all began with a bold  woman  with a  passion for fine lingerie seeking to bring joy to women of all shapes and  sizes.  In 1989, Christine Stessels founded a lovely little boutique in Lunel.  Her goal? To  create a warm and inviting space offering a hand-picked selection of  premium lingerie. She wanted women to choose from the best and latest  trends in lingerie, all while feeling and privileged and pampered.  And… that was just the start of a great adventure! At the start of the new  century, Christine Stessels, always forward-thinking, decided to launch her  own online lingerie site. 

30 years of passion

Our values


Dessus Dessous only offers top-of-the-range lingerie from the biggest designers.

Our goal? Delivering excellence to our customers at every step of the purchase process.


Our passion for inclusivity is  stronger than ever as we strive to offer lingerie for women of all shapes, sizes and walks of life.


Our lingerie advisors are always available  to share their knowledge with our clients and provide personalized  correspondence and tips daily.


Dessus Dessous distributes more than 50 brands worldwide. In 2018,  our small company from the South of France acquired an international  dimension by joining the European Lingerie Group (ELG).

Ode to lingerie

At Dessus Dessous, we believe in the power of women.  We also believe in the power of lingerie.

Do you feel better after a new haircut? Are you having a better day wearing your new jacket that suits you so well?

And what about your underwear?
Wearing beautiful lingerie, which suits you and enchants you, is the best thing to do to start your day off right. We have noticed that lingerie allows the wearer to feel more confident, more beautiful, and to be in a better state of mind.
Lingerie follows us every day, all our lives.
It guides us through our special moments, those moments to celebrate, those first appointments, and all those other days when we need to feel special. Together, let's reveal the best of yourself.
Don't underestimate his power.

 They talk about us


Intima, the 1st magazine dedicated entirely to lingerie and swimwear, ranked Dessus Dessous among the top 100 boutiques in France.

In the nationwide competition, the jury consisted of 18 women’s lingerie brands, such as Aubade, Simone Pérèle, Chantelle, Lise Charmel, Millesia, Antinéa, Lou, Maison Lejaby, Wacoal, Triumph, Oscalito and Selmark.


Dessus-Dessous.fr was ranked among the top 100 retail sites in France by Ecommerce Mag in 2015 to 2018.

Every year, Dessus-Dessous.fr was able to rise in the rankings as a result of the company’s growing sales figures.


For the second year in a row, Capital magazine (April 2019 edition) listed Dessus-Dessous.fr among the top e-commerce sites providing the best shopping experience based on the results of an in-depth survey conducted by research institute Statista.


Dessus-Dessous.fr ranked second by Capital Magazine in the “lingerie” category, with an overall score of 7.8/10.

Same score in 2019 (7.8/10).