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Are you looking for ultra-sexy lingerie for a special occasion? Finding the perfect piece is not always easy, since there are so many choices when it comes to glamorous lingerie. Two paths are available to you: take the time to search or let yourself be guided by our selection of sexy lingerie and let your heart decide.

The universe of ultra-sexy lingerie

What is ultra-sexy lingerie? There aren’t any real criteria in this area, although some iconic items like bodysuits and garter belts are representative of this category of lingerie. The most important thing above all else is to feel comfortable, beautiful and desirable in your lingerie. Indeed, all women do not have the same definition of sexy, nor the same tastes and desires. Red, the ultimate sexy color for many women, causes no special feelings in others, who prefer black lingerie or pieces in dark tones. Comfort is also very important when choosing your glamorous undergarments: you will only feel attractive if you feel comfortable in your lingerie.

Our selection of ultra-sexy lingerie pieces

Not feeling inspired yet? Don’t panic- below we will present you with various lingerie styles, each sexier than the last.

Garter belts

Antinéa_Nuit Satin

Considered a true object of seduction, the garter belt is one of the most well-known styles of ultra-sexy lingerie. This band of fabric with fasteners in the back is worn at the hips, over a G-string, a thong or panties, and serves to hold up stockings. Romantic and glamorous, it recalls the outfits of women of yesteryear, mysterious and full of charm. Do you want to play it retro and sexy? Then a garter belt is the piece for you. Maybe you are wondering how to choose your lingerie and would like to read some tips for taking the plunge and wearing a garter belt? Our article on the subject will provide several valuable tips.

Waist shapers

Lise Charmel Soir de Venise

If you have wide hips, you may not feel comfortable in a garter belt. In this case, you might prefer a waist shaper. This piece is quite similar to the garter belt, except that it is worn under the breasts, completely covers the abdomen and provides a flat stomach effect. It is a refined and timeless feminine undergarment. Symbol of love and seduction, the waist shaper, like its cousin the waist cincher (high waist suspender belt) is an unparalleled seduction asset. Worn under a pretty evening dress, it slims the waist and offers a dreamy, sheathed and firm silhouette.


Lise Charmel Ecrin Désir

Why wear a bodysuit when you want to be desirable? Quite simply because it is a great classic of sexy lingerie and it comes in an infinite number of styles. Sexy and glamorous, the bodysuit can be made of lace, cotton, silk, Lycra, may include panties, a G-string or boyshorts, a bustier top, a push-up or wireless bra… It’s a real chameleon: in its various forms it can suit all body types and all tastes. A charming asset, the bodysuit can be a bit naughty… or very provocative. It’s up to you to choose the style that satisfies you!



Symbols of sensuality, merrywidows, also called basques, are a 2-in-1 lingerie item: they combine the functions of a garter belt and a bustier. Very feminine, this piece nicely shapes the silhouette, supports the chest and emphasizes the curve of the hips. Sexy and elegant, it is suitable for all body types: it smooths generous breasts and accentuates curves in women with less bountiful shapes. To make your choice, you must differentiate the merrywidow from the corset. Indeed, the latter firmly maintains the bust, slims the waist but does not support the chest. Either way, these two pieces are undeniably sexy: their role is to shape the silhouette, but they are also incredible weapons of seduction.

Ultra-sexy crotchless panties

Maison Close Le Petite Secret

Notice to the bold: crotchless panties are ultra-sexy naughty lingerie for the most daring. The usual underwear, thongs, shorties and G-strings are enough to highlight a woman’s curves. If you want to go further, you can opt for open panties: it’s a little extra to play at seduction and surprise your partner. These panties allow you to reveal your most intimate gifts in a glamorous and subtle way. They are particularly suitable for women wanting to be provocative for an evening, without falling into vulgarity.

Open-cup bras to play seduction


The next-to-last piece of our presentation is an unorthodox naughty asset. It’s the open-cup bra. With or without underwires, it surrounds the chest and reveals the center. It is available in a multitude of styles: adorned with lace, patterns or tulle, the bare-breasted bra is in every case a charming piece, ideal to attract the eye of your suitors and charm them.

Negligees or ultra-sexy nightgowns


We have presented several types of day lingerie. Which piece to choose for nightwear? A nightgown or negligee are great classics of sexy lingerie. These styles of lingerie are perfect for women wishing to remain glamorous in all circumstances… or to abandon their cozy pajamas for a special evening. Choose your nightwear according to your tastes: the babydoll is a type of short nightie including a bra, and the negligee is a kimono to be worn over your lingerie. 


Do you prefer traditional nightgowns? No problem, it’s quite possible to be sexy in a nightgown. There are pieces with deep-cut necklines, lace, more or less short and sensual. The choice is vast, you will have no trouble finding the piece of your dreams.

Can’t make up your mind? We suggest you visit the Aubade’s boîte à désir: there, you will find a multitude of ultra-sexy lingerie pieces of all types!