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Two questions often come up about bodysuits, these garments that resemble one-piece swimsuits. Are they clothing or lingerie? How should they be worn? In this new article, we bare all the secrets of the dressy bodysuit, an elegant and sensual ally.

Bodysuits, garments of many qualities

When can you wear a bodysuit? At the crossroads between the world of lingerie and that of ready-to-wear, bodysuits can be worn in different ways, depending on the chosen piece. It can just as well be unveiled in an intimate moment, similar to a piece of lingerie such as a garter belt, or worn under a skirt or pants. Today there are indeed many styles of dressy bodysuits: lace, velvet, sheer, full-coverage with short or long sleeves, round neck, low-cut, in the shape of a shirt or blouse… You’ve got it: it is possible to wear your Dessus Dessous lingerie on many occasions!  

Pieces that showcase our curves

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Despite popular belief, bodysuits are not exclusively for thin women: they are suitable for all body types. A well-chosen bodysuit enhances our curves. It can be fitted to the body, or looser. The important thing is to feel comfortable in your clothing. So, above all, choose a women’s bodysuit in which you feel good. How to wear a bodysuit? We will tell you everything.

Wearing a dressy bodysuit for a chic and professional look

These last few years, bodysuits have largely deviated from their original use. More than an undergarment, they are now a must-have in every wardrobe. When carefully chosen, they can create a chic and elegant look, and be worn everyday as well as at work. Here are some examples of outfits worthy of even the greatest girl boss:

  • a tank top bodysuit with loose pants in summer;
  • a backless bodysuit worn with cigarette pants or skinny jeans;
  • a bustier bodysuit paired with a suit jacket and denim pants or shorts;
  • a printed bodysuit with plain high-waist pants; 
  • a black bodysuit or beige bodysuit worn with a faux leather midi skirt; 
  • a sheer or lace bodysuit paired with a suit jacket and high-waisted pants (be careful, this type of bodysuit must not be worn without a jacket, nor with a short dress or skirt so as not to fall into vulgarity).

Opt for a long-sleeved bodysuit

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Long-sleeved bodysuits are a must-have for fall and winter. They are available in several versions: sexy, adorned with lace, satin, long-sleeved t-shirt style, turtleneck… A long-sleeved bodysuit can be worn without moderation under any outfit. It is a substantial ally for women who like to tuck their top into their pants: with a bodysuit, you won’t need to readjust your outfit throughout the day. Comfortable, it will stay in place all day under your clothing. Note that a long-sleeved bodysuit can also be worn as lingerie for a n

Opt for a dressy bodysuit for an evening and more…

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An emblematic piece of sexy lingerie, a dressy bodysuit can play a double role. It can be worn as a top for a night out, and kept on for the privacy of a couple’s night in. Embroidered bodysuits, pieces with lace, with ruffles, mesh, patterns, and thong bodysuits are ideal for this purpose. 

What outfit to wear with a lace bodysuit?

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A lace bodysuit is a sublime piece that tempts many women, but whose very sexy side can also be intimidating. However, well worn, this bodysuit is not at all vulgar. To wear a lace bodysuit well, we recommend to wear it under a slightly unbuttoned shirt, under a vest or jacket of the same color as your lingerie. When it comes to bottoms, opt for pants rolled up to the ankle (slim, high-waist, or mom jeans, tailored pants, cigarette pants) or shorts in summer. Avoid skirts if you want a low-key look.

Wear a dressy bodysuit to downplay curves

As we have mentioned, dressy bodysuits are available for all body types. It is quite possible to camouflage your belly and emphasize your waist by wearing a bodysuit with high-waist shorts or pants. Finally, there are shaping bodysuits (shapewear bodysuits), pieces without cups to pair with your favorite bra. Similar to panties or high-waist boyshorts, shaping bodysuits sculpt the lower and mid-body so that tight clothing can be worn overtop, without hinting at belly or back folds. Practical and efficient!