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How to wear a pareo? Our many ways to tie it

A must-have accessory for summer, a pareo or sarong pairs perfectly with a swimsuit. This light and colorful garment straight from Polynesia is, like a tunic, caftan or little sun dress, a chic and casual beach outfit. But there are a thousand and one ways to wear it.

How to tie a pareo at the waist?

Pareos are designed in a very simple cut. This square or rectangular fabric comes in different sizes to inspire the imagination. From this plain design come many inventive summer outfits. It all depends on how you wrap it. A long pareo can be tied at the hips to create a long, fluid and light skirt. A short pashmina-type sarong is versatile. It can be worn as a scarf around the neck or as a skirt. To do this, simply place the pareo around the hips so that it covers the buttocks, then tie the ends on the side. If the style is square, simply fold it in half to get a rectangle and tie it on the side. Allow the knot to reveal the navel for a sexy look or play the retro vintage card with a high-waisted style.

With this fine fabric, it is also easy to create a small wrap skirt with a pleated effect. Fold the sarong in half lengthwise to achieve a long rectangle, then lay it on your hips. With your right hand, make a first fold on the top then pass the left end around the pelvis. Grab the fabric on the other side, then flip the bottom edge up. This will produce a butterfly effect. Continue to pass the pareo around the back and then return it to the front. To finish, tuck the end under the waistband of the pareo near the navel. This draped effect provides an elegant look in the blink of an eye.

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How to wear a pareo as a top?

A truly versatile piece of clothing, a pareo can be worn on any occasion as a novel top. The bustier cut is perfect for sunbathing by the sea. Worn over a bandeau swimsuit, this outfit will leave your shoulders bare. To do this, simply wrap the pareo around the upper body and finish with a pretty knot on the side or between the breasts. Another variant: the Tahitian pareo, with a knot on the shoulder.

With an opening on the front which offers glimpses of the stomach, this top is as sophisticated as it is sensual. Fold the sarong lengthwise and pass around your neck from the front, wearing it like a scarf for a “choker” effect. Cross the two pieces in the back at the shoulder blades then bring them to the front, under the arms. Tie the two top corners at the hollow of the chest and let the other two fall to the hips. In this way, we have a top that reveals part of the belly.

How to wear a pareo as a dress?

While a beach dress is one of many beachwear outfits that have their special place in every woman’s wardrobe, the pareo offers the advantage that it can be worn in many ways. In the blink of the eye, it in turn becomes a long elegant dress to wear at the beach or even in town during the summer season.

On the beach, we like to show off our trendy swimsuits. To create a slit dress, pass the pareo behind your back and tie the two ends at the chest, leaving the front open. Consider how the colors will look together. A solid bikini will bring out the nuances of a patterned pareo dress. Combine pastel colors with warm tones. A white pareo will enhance a nice tan, while playing up the bohemian look. Don’t hesitate to flaunt a printed swimsuit. Its floral patterns or geometric graphics will be enhanced by a coral, peacock blue, or fuchsia pareo…

We love a dress tied around the neck, which is best worn with a strapless or halter-top swimsuit. To achieve this look, start with the pareo in the back, bring the ends around to the front, cross them and then tie them behind the neck. The asymmetrical variant of a knot at the shoulder remains very glamorous. Paired with trendy flat sandals and a shawl, this outfit becomes a personalized evening dress.


Tying a pareo with a ring

As a fashionable embellishment, a ring or buckle is THE final touch to stylize a pareo. This decorative element used as a fastener, generally made of wood, offers an exotic decorative touch. Start by placing the pareo behind your back for a fitted dress, or below the waist for a skirt. Pull the ends to the front and pass each of them through an opening in the buckle. Bring the ring as close as possible to the body so that you feel comfortable. Then, bring each piece back around the side and tie them behind the back, at the level of the shoulder blades or the kidneys. Leave the fabric somewhat loose for a beautiful draped effect.