Aubade nudessence

Whether you are looking for a seductive effect or simply a perfectly invisible bra under a light outfit, transparent undergarments are a staple in fine lingerie. Within this one label, you will find a wide selection of bra styles to suit every mood and every body type.

Bras that play with transparency

Opt for a completely sheer bra


The effect of total transparency undeniably brings a breath of sensuality. Sexy and chic, the transparent bra gives a view of the whole chest thanks to light and fine materials, such as the combination of refined lace and tulle. That is why these styles, often available in a bralette or a wireless bra for a vaporous look, embody the perfect undergarment for fans of light feminine lingerie. Some lingerie brands express their wild side on this aerial fabric with dazzling patterns and bright colors.

Opt for a partly transparent bra

Tropical black implicite

A semi-sheer bra knows how to be discreet while still revealing part of the bust, thanks to subtle intertwining of fabrics and embroidery. Among these flagship undergarments essential to every lingerie drawer, a demi-cup bra skillfully plays with transparency while creating a pretty curve of the breasts. When the delicate tulle suggests skin, what is truly revealed is all the refinement of high-end lingerie. Each detail is carefully planned out, including the tattoo- effect guipure inserts not only on the cups, but also on the back. The thin, adjustable spaghetti straps contribute to make these bras delicate, discreet and decidedly feminine. Floral motifs, contemporary patterns, geometric graphics… The wide range of innovative designs includes something to suit every woman’s style.

When bras become invisible under clothing

A transparent bra under clothing by design


To offer women sheer lingerie that is both elegant and comfortable, the best women’s lingerie brands, from Lise Charmel to Maison Lejaby via Wacoal, Empreinte or Chantelle, have devised innovative techniques. These undergarments are discreet first thanks to a laser cut, without any seams. This design specific to invisible lingerie can be found in bottoms also, from high- or low-waist panties to boyshorts or thongs. The memory foam bra has flat seams which have the advantage of not leaving marks. The molded-cup design provides a nice rounded curve to the chest and optimal comfort.

Meanwhile, the materials used for making an invisible bra are of utmost importance. Designers often use microfiber, a soft, elastic and very light synthetic fabric that virtually melts into the skin. The satin finishes also give trendy balconette or bandeau bras a touch of femininity.

Bras suited to your complexion

To camouflage your lingerie under a tight dress or a fluid blouse, color choice is primordial. Direct yourself towards a shade that will blend as closely as possible with the color of your skin. We often hear about nude-toned lingerie, but this color is just one of a vast chromatic palette. Each woman will be able to choose the tone closest to her complexion from a range of shades. Lingerie brands offer light colors for milky skin such as powder pink, mother-of pearl or off-white. For deeper-toned skin, turn towards nutmeg, sand or caramel tones. Chocolate or ebony undergarments will be ideal for darker skin.


Beware, however, of false pairings. White on white is a classic mistake. Instead, choose a flesh- toned bra closest to your skin tone or opt for a delicate pastel shade. Matching your lingerie with your outfit can be a puzzle. Here are some tips for determining which bra to wear under a transparent top.

A transparent bra below your neckline

Whatever her figure, each woman can play with suggestion by revealing more or less of her cleavage. Each bra draws a particular frame. Depending on your outfit, you can opt for a boyish round neck or a sensual V neckline. There is a perfect bra for every look. So, for a plunging neckline that will highlight the chest, we will bet on a semi full-coverage style that only reveals the upper part of the breasts while ensuring good support.

Under a top or a V-neck blouse, it all depends on your chest size. For example, a woman with small breasts can be tempted by a wireless bra with an understated allure. Beyond a C-cup, we recommend underwires to structure the support. To keep the bra discreet, we opt for styles with multi-way straps: lovers of the bare back will love the bandeau shape with removable straps that leaves the shoulders bare.

While transparent lingerie has its rightful place in the feminine wardrobe, we can still let ourselves be seduced by the dessus dessous fashion, when conventions are reversed and the intimate is revealed by glimpses. For a resolutely feminine look, let Calais lace embellishments show through from under a blouse.