Sexy and comfortable lingerie: Go for high quality lingerie

Being sexy doesn’t mean wearing outfits that aren’t really your style.  Feeling seductive and desirable first means accentuating your body in a way that matches who you are.  Beautiful and sensual lingerie should be an invisible friend that comforts you and reminds you just how amazing your curves look in that hot outfit or little lace nightie. It is just as useless to play a part as it is to force yourself to look like a photoshopped magazine photo. Being beautiful means taking care of yourself and asserting your value.

Aubade Délicate Extase black magic

To help you feel you best, treat yourself to some high quality feminine lingerie that plays up your best assets.

For decades, major brands have been striving to create the most beautiful pieces and gorgeous lingerie sets, from seductive negligees to bustier corsets, which are as easy to wear as they are on the eyes.  Brimming with special expertise, these fashion houses stand for voluptuousness and comfort. Low quality lingerie doesn’t last very long nor does it deliver the promised result. Made from cheap materials, they might even cause skin irritations and discomfort and tend to lose elasticity rather quickly. Spare yourself this uncomfortable experience and treat yourself to high quality lingerie and authentic corsetry.

Combining comfort and sensuality – The right choice when it comes to shapes and materials.

It is crucial to select the right fabrics and materials when purchasing lingerie. Remember that you’re going to want to feel at easy in lingerie. High-quality materials, such as silk or a beautiful black satin will slide across your skin like a light veil.  Move freely by opting for a sexy bra or tulle and lace panties. Elasticity is another important factor. Materials such as elastane, microfibre, or Lycra offer optimal comfort.

Go for seamless bottoms that go undetected. Cut by laser, the string shorty or thong perfectly contours your shape.

Sexy and comfortable lingerie for all types of women

If you’re not into fishnet stockings and string thongs, there is no need to force it. Opt for a bra with a plunging neckline and hipster briefs for a more natural look.  Boho-style aficionados love wearing night lingerie or beautiful Bohemian slip dresses. If romance is what you are after, a bodice with a suspender belt could come in handy.  Or better yet, amuse yourself by playing the seductive pin-up model with lovely high-waisted panties, a triangle bra with small bows and rustle and organza bottoms.

Sexy lingerie so that you can play the part of the femme fatale and spice up a romantic evening; it is an experience in itself.

Seize the moment and try a new look. You have any questions or doubts? The customer service representatives at Dessus Dessous are ready to listen and help all women choose glamorous lingerie that is right for them.  Contact our customer service at 04 67 71 58 60 or via email…

Choosing the right colour is equally important.

Contrary to popular belief, red is not the only sensual colour. A pastel colour on lighter skin tones would be irresistible.

Women with darker skin tones could accentuate their bronze coloured skin by wearing a piercing black or a beautiful orange.  Flashy colours are not just reserved for the summer. A beautiful papaya yellow by Aubade could be very sexy the whole year round. Play with light and shadow with the midnight blue set by Lise Charmel for some added intrigue.

Make the right choice for your body shape.

When shopping for lingerie, it is essential that you know your body shape. Depending on size, design and type, sexy underwear can be worn by practically every type of woman.

Women with broader shoulders appreciate a nice underwire bra with a floral print to accentuate their bust and create nice contours. Generously sized beauties will find their happiness in plus size lingerie. Brands such as Prima Donna or Empreinte offer very glamorous pieces that play with transparency and lace.  Are you more on the curvy side with a larger bust? Accentuate your assets with sophisticated sets, like a sexy body or a handmade bustier.

Slender women or those with smaller busts will be enchanted by soft cup bras, like the triangle bra.  Or, why not go for a trendy bralette? This minimalist top is a cross between a bra and a top. Dare to wear this piece as a simple tank top and watch how fast those heads will turn.

Undergarments aren’t everything. Sometimes we wear them to show them off and to seduce: Other times, we wear them to accentuate a cocktail dress or a form-fitting outfit. In the evening, put an elegant kimono over your lingerie set. Your partner will get the invitation.  Erotic lingerie knows no boundaries, from open back babydolls to ultra-sexy nighties.

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