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Choosing your lingerie can often be a real puzzle. We often imagine ourselves wider, thinner, more broad-shouldered, more stooped than we truly are. Being aware of your true body shape and learning to compliment it is not an easy task. It is indeed not easy to find lingerie that suits your body type and is comfortable to wear. How can you choose the best lingerie for your body type? What undergarments should you wear when you have an A-shaped body? Which panties to choose? Which bras? Find out if you an A body type and, if so, how to best choose your lingerie.

What does it mean to have an A-shaped or pyramid body type?

A-shaped body type

An A shape is the most common body type in women, unlike the 8-shaped or H-shaped body types. Women with this silhouette are rather small in their upper body and have luscious thighs and buttocks: the opposite of a V shape. Their hips and pelvis are therefore wider than the chest or shoulders.

This type of silhouette, sensual and very feminine, must be complimented by suitable lingerie. For this, we advise you to add volume to the upper body to give an illusion of volume to the  chest. How? Simply by playing on necklines. Regarding the lower body, there is no hard and fast rule; it is simply recommended to avoid horizontal striped or patterned panties, as well as ruffled bottoms.

A-shaped body type: which bra to choose?

You’ve got it: highlighting your cleavage is an unbeatable trick to enhance your A-shaped silhouette when you have a small chest. Here are some tips on how to get there by choosing the right lingerie.

Bras to enhance cleavage

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Choosing a bra to enhance cleavage is very important for A-shaped silhouettes. The chest can be enhanced using different types of bras:
●  Push-up bras: they lift the chest and give it a nice curve. They give the illusion of a fuller bust and are perfect for smaller breasts that sag somewhat.
●  Shaping molded-cup bras: they have cups that are molded or reinforced by more or less dense foam. This type of bra gives the bust a more rounded appearance.
●  Bandeau bras: they create a straight line under the bust and highlight it without flattening it.

A bra to add volume to your upper body


So, you want to add volume to your upper body. Your best allies? Patterned or embellished bras. The former will allow you to make your chest visually more generous, while the latter will make your breasts appear more voluminous. So, stripes, polka dots, retro patterns, little hearts, frills, lace, baroque patterns and floral bras are your allies to give an illusion of volume to your bust. Finally, bras with wide straps can also dress up the upper body.

A-shaped body type: which panties are best?

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The goal is to bring out your feminine curves with your lingerie, without weighing down your silhouette. For the lower body, choose panties, thongs, G-strings or boxer briefs either with full coverage or slightly high-cut at the back. The important thing is not to define the waist too much in order to display a harmonious silhouette. For this, you can also opt for low-rise panties: these, delicately placed at the hips, will simply highlight your curves without accentuating them. This great lingerie classic has the advantage of offering a fairly neutral rendering and of complimenting all silhouettes. Finally, you can bet on high-waist shaping panties. True magicians, they make it possible to hide too-generous hips, or a small belly that may be unpleasant to the eye. They are also very aesthetic and sexy. The defined waist is an advantage of the A shape: no need to accentuate it, but hiding it is out of the question.


You now know which lingerie to incorporate into your wardrobe if you have an A-shaped body type. One final tip: play to your strengths. Feel free to wear dresses or blouses with a plunging neckline to focus attention on your chest. Complete your look with pretty necklaces or large earrings to enhance your upper body. Long jackets with wide shoulders and A-line or empire waist dresses are also ideal for adding structure to the upper body. For bottoms, choose flared jeans paired with high heels or wedges. These shoes will lengthen your figure and slim your legs