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Did you know that 70% to 80% of women don’t wear the right bra size? Wearing the right bra for your body type is very important, however. Indeed, a bra that is too tight, meaning too small, can be painful to wear, while a bra that is too big does not provide enough support of the chest. How can you choose the right bra size? Which shape to choose? After reading these few lines, you will know how to take your measurements and select the lingerie that suits you best. Comfort assured!

Why should you regularly check your bra size?

A woman’s bra size is not set in stone. In fact, a woman’s body continually changes throughout her life. Weight gain or loss, pregnancy and breastfeeding can affect a woman’s measurements. It’s also difficult to choose the right size when you don’t always buy the same brand of undergarments. There are indeed significant size differences depending on the brand and the country where the bras are designed. It is therefore very important to carefully check the size guide for each brand and each site where you want to buy your lingerie. This will allow you to choose your bras according to your measurements and show your corresponding sizes according to the different source countries.

Knowing your size is not everything; the shape of bra you choose is very important

Bra size is not the only parameter to consider in order to be comfortable in your undergarments. It is also important to choose a bra shape that suits you:

  • Generous busts should turn to underwire bras, with a fairly wide back band and straps. These styles are comfortable and ensure optimal comfort and good support for large cup sizes!
  • Women with mid-sized chests are spoiled for choice: there are a multitude of types of bras to suit them. Full cup, push-up, wireless or underwire bras, balconette, bandeau, bustier, the choice is yours…
  • Finally, smaller busts do not need too much support. Women with this body type can therefore opt for triangle bras, bralettes or wireless bras with surefire comfort.
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How to take your measurements correctly

Measuring your chest circumference is very easy. Grab hold of a tape measure and start by measuring your band size (place the tape below your chest). This will determine your size expressed in numbers (for European sizes, measured in centimeters: 80, 85, 90, 100, etc.), which will come before the letter corresponding to your cup size. Next, measure the latter with the tape measure going around your bust passing, over the tips of your breasts without pulling too tight. You will get your chest measurement in cm. Using the size guide, you will be able to determine the letter corresponding to your cup size (A, B, C, D, E, etc.). Barring any mixup, you get readings like 80 A, 100 B or 90 C. This is your bra size.

How to properly try on your bra to choose the right size

Women sometimes rely solely on their measurements, buying lingerie without trying it on. However, trying on is not a waste of time: as we have outlined, your size may vary according to the brand of bra you choose.


In the fitting room, focus first on the band. Your bra should not be too tight, otherwise it may form unsightly bulges visible through your clothes, or even injure you by rubbing your skin when you move. In particular, know that a tight bra does not offer better support. You should be able to pass your hand flat between your back and the bra closure (at the hooks) without too much difficulty. Your undergarments should neither be too tight nor too loose (in the latter case, they will tend to ride up). Once you have found your ideal band size, move on to cup size. The latter must support your chest without crushing it. A cup that gapes is too big. Ideally, the cup should perfectly follow the shape of your breast.

What is bra size equivalence?

A 95A is equivalent to a 90B or 85C in terms of cup depth. If you feel comfortable in a 100C, but find the back a little too wide, we recommend that you try the same bra style in 95D. To obtain the correct equivalence, always remember that when reducing the size of the bust circumference, we must enlarge the size of the cup to maintain the same depth.

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Now you know how to find and choose the right size for your bra. By following our instructions, you can flaunt a pretty neckline without sacrificing your comfort. All you need to do is choose the lingerie that suits you best: sexy bra, lace pieces, pretty triangle bras, push-up bras, follow your heart’s desire!