When it comes to women’s lingerie, the practical roles that undergarments play naturally come into focus, but it’s the power it holds that’s at the forefront. It’s hard not to recognize the multitude of benefits lingerie has to offer. Beyond the fact that it both lifts and supports the bust, wearing lingerie can make any woman feel more beautiful, more desirable and more confident. With a large range of colors and fabrics to choose from, it is an unequivocal tool for seduction. There’s no doubting the countless attributes lingerie boasts.

As well as its many advantages, lingerie has the power to sculpt the figure and it does so in a way that goes unnoticed. How does it achieve this? By using elasticated materials with cleverly sewn seams and stitches that help to smooth natural curves. Browse our shapewear lingerie range and take your pick from our shopping cart must-haves.

What is shapewear?

More than just lingerie, it is a trusted ally – the shaping undergarment is designed to bring you closer to achieving your dream body. The appearance of stubborn bulges, rolls, cellulite and uneven areas disappears.

Shapewear has many purposes :

• To define and slim the waist

• To flatten the tummy and reduce the appearance of bulges

• To sculpt the buttox for a more lifted and toned appearance

• To improve posture; the back and shoulders are naturally straightened

Who wears shapewear lingerie and what does it do?

Shapewear; who is it meant for?

Shaping underwear is intended for women who want to enhance their natural physical curves, in the same way a push-up bra would.

To many women, it is considered an essential, a regular accessory to have in the wardrobe. Whether you’re bothered by a little extra weight or you want to conceal your tummy, wearing shapewear lingerie under your outfit will be useful to you.

It isn’t just something meant for our grand-mothers or curvaceous women!

What are the known benefits of shapewear lingerie?

By choosing quality garments, made of stretchy fabrics designed to shape and sculpt, you can refine your figure by one or two sizes. Sculpting lingerie, in addition to transforming the silhouette, also helps to fight against long term skin slackening and to improve posture.

The different types of sculpting garments

The slimming body shaper

The body shaper is designed to sculpt the midsection, targeting the waist, hips and stomach. It’s typically seamless, completely invisible worn under clothing, making it a shapewear hit. Its stretchy fabric is perfect to sculpt the body and can be worn underneath any form-fitting dress.On our Dessus Dessous online store, you’ll find the Felina high waist body shaper from the Rhapsody collection. The high waist fit is ideal to redefine and highlight your waist, and will also help to slim and flatten your belly.

The shapewear panty

The shapewear panty is very similar to body shapers. In addition to targeting the same areas, it also provides lifting for your rear: helping you achieve a perfectly enhanced and smoothed contour of the buttocks.

Lise Charmel’s Antinéa shapewear, is made of spacer fabric (often used in sports lingerie), providing support, comfort and flexibility. It’s ideal and simple and can be worn every day, what’s more, its flat seams make it totally invisible.

The Subtile sheath from Simone Pérèle, with its high waist, provides perfect sheathing of the stomach and hips. It features lace inserts, making it stand out, bringing a touch of refinement to an initially simplistic piece .

Shapewear shorts

Shapewear shorts look a lot like cyclist shorts. They have the basic appearance of a waist shaper, but here the shorts reach mid-thigh, providing a slimming and sculpting effect to legs. Shapewear shorts also give skin a smooth and lifted look. Wearing light or see-through clothing will become a problem of the past. Various pieces from top luxury lingerie brands are available on our Dessus Dessous website :

• Conturelle Felina’s Silhouette long panty provides ultra light knit fabric and a soft waistband for added comfort. Available in plus sizes to fulfil all women’s needs.

  • Wacoal’s Sexy Shaping shorts offer a nano elastic, anti slip fabric, that highlights and emphasises natural curves thanks to its invisible seams.
  • Thinstincts high waist panty by Spanx brings a sheathing and slimming effect to the silhouette, smoothing curves in a pleasant and gentle way thanks to its microfiber design. Spanx is a leading shapewear and slimming undergarment brand committed to delivering its expertise.

The shapewear bodysuit

Bodysuits are the latest trend, revealing the feminine traits of women through a combination of comfort and elegance. A few of the available suits are especially designed to shape and sculpt. An one piece that’s unique to shapewear lingerie and that smooths imperfections.

Dessus Dessous has a wide range of sculpting bodysuits to choose from. Minor flaws will disappear in Lise Charmel’s elastane bodysuit, giving your figure a toned appearance with maximum comfort. Or allow Chantelle’s Hedona shaping bodysuit to offer you more tummy and bum control. A garment that features underwiring to give your breasts more support while encouraging volume.

The open bust body shaper

At first sight, this might appear to be the least glamorous of all, but this is a shaping suit that offers great results. Great for tummy and bum control all the way to the bust area and longer and slimmer looking thighs.

Experience the Thinstincts combi panty from Spanx, perfect for shape and support. It is worn with a bra and is completely invisible under clothing.

The waist cincher

The waist cincher has been around for years, its purpose is to give you an hourglass shape: accentuating the breasts and making the waist appear smaller.

Most waist cinchers are worn with garters for a more seductive and vintage look.

Maison Close’s waist cincher and garters from L’Amoureuse collection will enhance your silhouette, keeping you comfortable without ever going noticed, in the most discreet and chic fashion.