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The world of lingerie is vast and intriguing: there are a multitude of types and cuts of panties and nearly as many types of bras. Today we are lifting the veil on a timeless and sexy feminine undergarment: hipster panties. How to choose the right type of panties according to the shape of your buttocks? What are the different types of hipster panties? Here, we will explain everything in a few lines.

What does hipster mean?

The hipster panty is a low-waist lingerie bottom. Its name comes from the word hips, because they are worn not at the waist but several inches below. They leave the lower abdomen and the top of the buttocks uncovered. This label includes various types of underwear. There are hipster panties of course, but also hipster thongs, hipster shorties or even briefs of the same name. The main difference between these hipsters is in terms of the back coverage: they are cut higher or lower depending on the type of underwear chosen.


These undergarments, whatever their level of coverage, highlight the hips and flatter various body types, especially for women with an A-shaped or pyramid-shaped body type. They are suitable for women with wide hips, as long as they avoid styles that are too  evealing in the back. They also look great on women with round thighs, where they highlight the belly and harmonize the silhouette. Hipster panties are also generally very popular with women with flatter buttocks: this type of lingerie defines the hips and gives a more rounded appearance to the buttocks.

The different types of hipster

Not sure which type of hipster bottom to choose? Below are a few suggestions.

The low-waist panty


Panties are a great lingerie classic. Shunned for many years because they were considered “old-fashioned”, they are now back in our wardrobes and worn by women of all generations. Worn with low-rise jeans, they preserve a touch of mystery by keeping our underwear well hidden. They are also very comfortable and cover almost the entire buttocks.


The low-waist shorty

The hipster boxer or shorty allows you to slim the hips and redefine the entire silhouette. This form of low-waist panty is very popular with the fairer sex. Very sexy, it reveals part of the uttocks and gives them a plump and curved appearance. Hipster shorties are also called Saint-Tropez panties by some of the big names in women’s lingerie like Aubade.

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High-cut low-rise underwear

The hipster thong and G-string are often confused. These two types of lingerie are, however, very different: despite both having a fairly thin band around the waist, they do not reveal the buttocks in the same way. The cut of G-strings is higher than that of thongs, which hide a larger part of the buttocks. Either way, these hipster bottoms are known to be sexy and naughty. Note, however, that hipster thongs are better suited to relatively flat buttocks than G-strings. These two types of lingerie have a major advantage: they can be worn with all types of clothing and are less visible underneath it than panties or boyshorts.