Model wearing a black G string

A women’s lingerie essential for many years, the G string has seen better days. Today it is often shunned for underwear considered more comfortable, such as panties, briefs, thongs or shorties. Some women prefer high-waist panties, a type of vintage lingerie and reputed to be much more comfortable. You’ve got it: today, the maxim of the lingerie world is comfortable, lounge. Sacrificing comfort in favor of seduction is no longer an option. The G string is a sexy accessory (except when it is visible, in that case it is rather vulgar), and also a very practical one. Contrary to popular belief, modern high-quality underwear from reputable brands can also be very comfortable. Are you ready to try? Discover our selection of glamorous and lounge black G strings .

Choose a black microfiber G string

The Aubade Sculpt black G string is an ally of comfort and seduction. Understated, it highlights the buttocks and goes unnoticed under all your outfits. Gone are the days of panty marks under your dress, your skirt or your favorite pants. Other advantages of this type of invisible lingerie for women? It is both sexy and pleasant to wear. It’s almost enough to make us forget we are wearing underwear!

The essential black cotton G string

Model wearing a black cotton G string from Simone Perele

Do you like ultra-comfortable underwear? Then you will love the Andora cotton G string from Simone Pérèle. With pretty lines and elegant embroidery details, this G string has all the trappings of a sensual piece, but is still very comfortable to wear. Slightly high-cut, it won’t cut into the skin and is just as suitable for everyday wear as for a romantic evening. Two-in-one, it’s the perfect ally to feel beautiful without neglecting your well-being.

The invisibility of a seamless black G string

Don’t be fooled by the classic design of a seamless G string. Behind this classic shape and minimalist look, your future favorite thong is undoubtedly hiding. Pleasant to wear, this type of G string has no seams. Say goodbye to itching, pain and chafing. Chantelle delivers what you want in the form of a classic G string, still sexy, suitable for all body types and easy to wear under every outfit. Even better, the Soft Stretch black G string is sold at a price as soft as its fabric. What more can you ask for?

Bet on the seductive side of a black lace G string

Model wearing a black lace G string

Some underwear are truly works of art. The Soir de Venise black G string from Lise Charmel is proof. Expertly crafted, it presents an unconventional pattern and shape. Cut from cotton, lace and elastane, it is nevertheless very pleasant to wear. Do you like this jewelled G string? We recommend wearing it with a matching bra from the Soir de Venise collection. In it you will find underwired or wireless bras in cuts like demi-cup, molded, push-up or even padded (but also other sexy lingerie pieces such as garter belts, cover-ups, waist shapers and masks).

A minimalist version of the black T string

Shunned for many years, the T string has recently returned to the limelight. Sexy and provocative, it can be worn under any outfit and goes completely unnoticed. It is comfortable to wear and you barely feel it, even after a whole day of work. So you want to choose a high-quality T string? We recommend the set of 2 Le Petit Secret Noir T strings from Maison Close. Made from nylon and elastane, these undergarments are perfectly cut, sturdy and long-lasting.

And why not a black string shorty?

Model wearing a black shorty string from Louisa Bracq
Model wearing a black string shorty from PrimaDonna

A string shorty has a cut with more coverage than a classic G string. It usually covers one quarter of the buttocks. This is a perfect solution for women who have flat buttocks: this type of shape gives a curved effect to the cheeks and highlights them. Women’s shorties are available in several variations, including more or less high-cut versions

Do you know of the sexy black shaping G string to erase small imperfections?

Model wearing a black shaping G string

Perhaps you want to compliment your buttocks, but hide any little imperfections? The shaping G string Perle Charbon from PrimaDonna is made for you. With its high waist, it hides the stomach, love handles and hips. It does, however, highlight the buttocks. Featuring ultra-flat finishes, it leaves no visible lines under clothing. It’s the perfect piece of women’s lingerie under fitted clothing. With it, both your silhouette and your buttocks will be enhanced! 

We have come to the end of our selection of 7 sexy and comfortable black G strings. Have you found the black G string of your dreams among all our women’s lingerie options? Which G string did you choose? A sexy, high-cut undergarment or a cozy piece with more coverage?