Model wearing a blue silk pajamas

Do you want to treat yourself to some beautiful pajamas? Are you shopping for feminine and comfortable nightwear? Forget fuzzy fleece: we carry dozens of elegant and cozy silk pajamas. Warmer than nighties and babydolls, these indoor outfits are perfect for lounging at home in any season. Discover our selection of sexy pajamas, as well as our advice for choosing silk pajamas to compliment your body type and your style.

The origins of silk

Silk is a natural fiber produced by the caterpillars of certain butterflies. Moth caterpillars are the only caterpillars to produce the cocoons that are used in the textile industry. They weave their silken cocoons in the mulberry trees. These are then harvested and processed to create clothing and lingerie. It’s possible to use silk alone or to mix it with other materials such as mohair, satin, lace, viscose or cotton.

Why opt for silk pajamas?

Silk is a very popular fabric in the fashion industry. Soft and light, it is warm in winter and brings freshness in summer. It also absorbs moisture and perspiration. Fluid and thin, silk is also very comfortable. Silk is above all valued for its softness and lustrous look. It is a material with a precious appearance, often used to manufacture luxury women’s lingerie pieces.

How to take good care of your silk lingerie nightwear?

Silk lingerie must be perfectly maintained in order to last. It deteriorates rapidly in the absence of appropriate care. It is important to maintain your silk lingerie by following a few guidelines:

  • Silk must be washed by hand. Machine washing is only possible if your appliance has a special silk setting.
  • Silk should be washed with shampoo or a special detergent for delicate fabrics.
  • It must never go in the dryer. Instead, allow it to air-dry naturally.
  • It is possible to iron silk, but only at very low temperatures.
  • It is important to never boil silk pajamas.

A selection of silk pajamas for cozy nights that mix comfort and luxury

100% French silk

Do you want to buy silk pajamas made in Europe? These long-sleeved Marjolaine silk pajamas made in France are exactly what you need. Composed of silk pajama pants and a buttoned top, they are available in white, fawn or blue. There is an option for every skin tone and every taste.

Silk pants or shorts?

Model wearing a red silk pants part of a pajamas by Simone Perele

Keeping warm while feeling pretty in the winter is not easy. What if you don’t know what to wear anymore? Don’t panic: we have an unbeatable combo to face the winter cold. Opt for a set that includes pants and a camisole, but also shorts so you can wear your pajamas even on warm days. We recommend the Dream Rouge line from Simone Pérèle. Resolutely chic and sexy, it will allow you to feel desirable and at ease in any season. Discover the pants, the shorts and the camisole to assemble your pajama set without delay.

An understated long-sleeved pajama shirt and trousers in black silk

Model wearing the top part of a green silk pajamas by Aubade

There are unconventional silk pajamas as well as understated and timeless sets. Aubade offers every type of outfit. Dress elegantly and discreetly for the night with a pant and pajama shirt set. Are you too warm at night to wear a long-sleeved top? Swap the latter for a pretty top with thin straps. Finally, if you prefer bright colors, choose printed patterned pants and a shirt.

Silk pajamas offering refined elegance and airy transparency

Crepe or viscose crepe is a modern material, often paired with silk. Opt for a soft and openwork set in silk and crepe. Soir de Venise by Lise Charmel is a high-end set perfectly suited to romantic encounters as well as solitary evenings. It is indeed as comfortable as it is seductive.

Now you know why and how to choose silk pajamas. Sexy and refined women’s pajamas, silk pajamas are timeless, suitable for all body types and all styles. They are just as flattering to large sizes as small ones. Silk nightwear can be solid or patterned (polka dots, stripes, prints, checks….), with short or long sleeves. They are definitively versatile outfits, perfect for every season of the year. Which silk pajamas will you choose?