Three models wearing black slit panties

Women’s lingerie is full of surprises. It includes multiple types of undergarments, ranging from understated and basic pieces to one-of-a-kind lingerie creations. Open lingerie is one of these uncommon pieces. Simulataneously naughty and erotic, it is never vulgar. Allow us to present some open underwear perfect for sharing good times in complete privacy and spicing up your life as a woman. Today we will focus on the slit or open panty, a unique and glamorous undergarment!

Slit panties: what are they and why are they so attractive?

It is important to clearly differentiate between today’s slit panty and the “open drawers” of the 19th century. This ancestral type of lingerie was designed to visually widen the hips and offer a more voluptuous silhouette. Today’s open panties are a type of modern sexy lingerie. They can be open at the back, near the buttocks, or between the legs. They are a perfect undergarment to play at temptation and provocation.

How to wear them to make the most of their power?

Slit panties are not intended to be worn all day under clothing. While they are comfortable, their friction against clothing for several hours could become unpleasant. In addition, they could be problematic from a hygiene perspective. These slit underwear are, on the other hand, perfect for a romantic evening. They can be worn simply with a bra, merrywidow, basque or corset, or concealed under a nightie or negligee. This type of women’s undergarment is perfect to surprise your partner. It highlights your mischievous side and undeniably shakes up your habits.

Where can you buy slit panties?

Dessus Dessous offers you the possibility to buy your underwear, whether slit or not, directly online. We offer you a wide range of lingerie styles designed by the world’s top lingerie designers. You will find all your favorite women’s lingerie brands in our catalog, but also options at all price points. Our pluses? Free shipping on purchases of €129 and responsive customer service, attentive to your needs and questions. Do you want to build a sexy panoply? You will find slit panties and half-cup bras, also known as open bras, on our site.

A selection of 5 slit panties 

We carry many types of sexy panties for women. These women’s lingerie pieces are all different, and compatible with every silhouette and desire.

An all-lace open panty with buttons 

Perhaps you want to get started with a fairly tame slit panty? Aubade’s La Boite à Désir panties will make you believe in love at first sight. Very detailed and designed all in lace, they have a slight opening on the top of the buttocks and tiny bows that fall elegantly on the hips. 

Slit panties from the renowned Maison Close brand 

Maison Close is a top lingerie brand, specializing in naughty and sexy undergarments. It naturally offers a wide range of slit panties: 

Slit panties embellished with pearls

The last piece in our selection is an unconventional open panty. In velvet, it is embellished with a real jewel, placed at the opening near the buttocks. Allow yourself be tempted by its little golden pearls and its adorable bow to reveal the femme fatale in you! Seduction is simple thanks to this glamorous panty.

Slit panties, bodysuits, garter belts, glamorous G strings, sexy nightwear, mischievous bustiers… discover all the pieces of sexy lingerie offered by Dessus Dessous to reveal your sensuality. We also offer more classic undergarments such as push-up bras, triangle bras, boyshorts or briefs in all colors and materials