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Embracing sexy and resolutely feminine lingerie

Opt for sexy and feminine lingerie

There are a thousand reasons for a woman to want to wear sexy, romantic, sensual or even explicitly provocative undergarments. To feel beautiful and desirable, to please herself, to seduce or to spice up a romantic relationship, fine lingerie exists in a vast spectrum of refined and elegant styles.

While sophisticated pieces possess true seductive power, a lace bra and panty set is one of the staples of sensual lingerie, with strong power of charm and seduction, to embrace under any circumstances. A floral patterned demi-cup bra paired with a high-waist panty or G string, or a push-up bra with a thong or boyshort are examples of a lingerie set that will showcase the feminine form. Also, textiles and colors can exude strong symbolism. A black and red bra embellished with black lace, fine tulle, and embroidery embodies the ultimate example of sexy lingerie. Its games of transparency and lacing details play at suggestion without ever revealing too much.

A wide selection of daytime lingerie styles offers many options for a sexy outfit:

Wear sexy and erotic lingerie with accessories

Among the list of sexy undergarments, each with more or less coverage, these give free rein to daydreams and fantasies. For a one-on-one evening or a torrid night, open lingerie reveals femininity during romantic moments; an open thong bodysuit or slit panties will serve as aphrodisiacs.

Lingerie nightwear also rhymes with eroticism, with a sexy nightie imagined in red and black satin or a babydoll that seems to want to reveal a silhouette while leaving plenty to the imagination. Also, naughtly lingerie accessories are sure to spice up an intimate interlude. The exquisitely delicate chain harness is sure to titillate your partner by playing on temptation. To complete a lingerie set, discover jewelry collections from women’s lingerie designers. A guipure collar or an embroidered eye mask for a mascarade atmosphere will flatter the silhouette.

Sexy lingerie brands at Dessus Dessous

The top brands of high-end lingerie have something to suit every taste and every style so that women can find the sexy lingerie set that matches their personality. The Dessus Dessous online shop offers products for sale in all sizes, with fast shipping. The designers offer irresistible items, from Lise Charmel to Implicite. Aubade presents their attractive Boîte à désir box series: high-end products from mini-heart briefs to a sheer bodysuit, passing by a monokini or triangular garter belt, ideal for intimate gifts.

Maison Close, for their part, has imagined a wide selection of erotic and chic undergarments with collections in red or black tones. Among the new arrivals, the “Le Petit Secret Dentelle” sexy lingerie collection offers, for example, a triangle bra with cups that can be opened, while the “Tapage Nocturne” line, simultaneously enigmatic and secret, with its open-cup bodysuit or garter belt with handcuffs, is designed to be the pinnacle of love games. Symbols of assertive feminine elegance, collections from Chantal Thomass exude a chic boudoir atmosphere with a retro touch, embodied by their models who wear the brand's image with a blunt black hairstyle and bright lipstick. These undergarments oscillate between glamor, charm and fantasy. Bodysuits or bras in black lace and sheer silk pair well with stockings or tights in fishnet or dotted patterns. 

5 tips for wearing sexy lingerie

To instill desire or simply to assert your sensuality, it is essential above all else to accept yourself and to feel comfortable. To wear naughty lingerie is to want to please yourself. Before seducing your partner, the lingerie must seduce you! All you need to do is choose according to your desires and your personality. Ladies who are not fond of frills and lacing can bet instead on sensual black lace for example. However, sexy lingerie is also an invitation to try new experiences. The important part is to stay in harmony in order to not fall into vulgarity. Dessus Dessous suggests some ideas of sensual outfits:

  • For a chic look, combine a refined outfit with stockings and garter belts, or a chic bodysuit under a little black dress. 
  • Under a blazer, strapless sculpting merrywidows combining satin and lace will draw beautiful feminine curves for a plunging neckline; a killer undergarment for women with generous busts.
  • Let yourself be tempted by the charm of a back-detail bra with an open outfit to hint at what lies beneath.
  • On the flip side, opt for a pretty open-back top accentuated by delicate lingerie in lace and detailed guipure in black, wine red or midnight blue tones.
  • Lastly, play the dessus dessous (above and below) card to awaken the senses: let your lingerie show with a wireless triangle bra under a translucent blouse, a chic look for small busts.