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The power of lingerie

Ode to lingerie

At Dessus Dessous, we believe in the power of women.

And we all love women.
Those of daily life, those of the morning and those of the evening. Shy or daring women, the tall ones, the short ones.
Adventurers, who dare, who take responsibility and who need nothing and no one,
except maybe their favorite lingerie.

The undecided, the hesitant and the doubtful. But not as far as the outfit they're wearing tonight.
We all love them, mothers, sisters and grandmothers. The passionate, the bold, the elegant in all circumstances.

We also believe in the power of lingerie.

Do you feel better after a new haircut? Are you having a better day wearing your new jacket that suits you so well?
And what about your underwear?
Wearing beautiful lingerie, which suits you and enchants you, is the best thing to do to start your day off right. We have noticed that lingerie allows the wearer to feel more confident, more beautiful, and to be in a better state of mind.

Lingerie follows us every day, all our lives.
It guides us through our special moments, those moments to celebrate, those first appointments, and all those other days when we need to feel special. Together, let's reveal the best of yourself.

Don't underestimate his power.